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Monday, October 30
1:53 PM
I am going to have to get moving on this web thing, I was just looking at jobs ::Aquent:: and I downloaded this salary guide(PDF 160k), it's in us$ but it looks like I'm getting left behind. Its not really the money I just neeed a change.

1:40 PM
I have grown to really hate the look of this page, I think I might go back to this design as soon as I get a chance.

Friday, October 27
4:07 PM
Off to sunny Te Awamutu for the weekend, to show Emily some cows and a milk factory, oh, and some relatives.

Thursday, October 26
2:38 PM
Sorry that last entry looks a bit like I'm taking the piss out off Mr Zeldman, which I am most certainly not !

2:34 PM

2:18 PM
Surfstation seems determined to drop of my list of links everytime I update something here. It's just because the version of the code for this page on my Mac at work is not up to date. Not much about my work is up to date. For instance here is the internet presence of Hambrook Graphics besides this mention.

2:12 PM
I quite like these, sort of internet paintings, in a seventies superrealist stylee.

Wednesday, October 25
8:17 AM
The Herald does have some stuff, this is a bit sad - No Tree Hill? This is the actual hill/tree in the U2 song and is an Auckland icon, we can see it from our house so I may be able to report on the felling. I won't of course.

7:44 AM
Speaking of BFM, Russell Brown's Hard News is often worth a listen or read if you want to know what's happened in New Zealand each week. It's got to be better than the Herald, our only newspaper.

7:31 AM
I've just discovered that the local studio radio, 95bFM, web site has been re-designed. quite nice too.

Friday, October 20
3:24 PM
No time to stop, it's a long weekend starting now. Hooray!

Monday, October 16
9:26 PM
I've just put a new front bit on my home page it still needs a lot of work and some of the links go nowhere, but it makes a change and thats as good as a rest.

Wednesday, October 11
8:08 AM
I haven't had a chance to get anything done around here, this is what I need to do:
  1. Remember not to make Kid A CD of the week (that should be quite easy)
  2. Make something CD of the week (looks like Elvis' Suspicious Minds, the Memphis Sessions at the moment.
  3. Add Surfstation to my list of links.
  4. Finish building my new site (this one could take a while).

Thursday, October 5
2:54 PM
The nits returned yesterday but have been exterminated again.
Emily stayed with grandma and grandad last night so me and Delly went out to dinner.

Tuesday, October 3
7:37 AM
As you may have discovered, the streaming sound test didn't really stream.

Monday, October 2
3:28 PM
I just went out to try and get the new Radiohead album Kid A and discovered that it's release in New Zealand has been delayed, because the print finishers cut the booklets up wrong.


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