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Wednesday, September 20
12:28 PM
How do these people with about a million links on there site find time to find them. And when they find do them how do they get to spend any time reading or looking at them.
I've just added DesignisKinky on the left, partly because it has some good stuff and it is also Australian. I haven't really found any decent sites based in New Zealand yet.

Tuesday, September 19
10:23 PM
They do once again, ha!

10:07 PM
The headline on this page is not only wrong - 'stuff that's happening' (it's generally stuff that's happened or just stuff that's kind of sitting there doing not much) but also seems to have dropped. I can't remember, but I'm sure the 'Stuff' and the 'that's happening' used to line up.

9:57 PM
I suppose some of the links on the left that I have called Web Designers are more like web commentators, then again, i'm pretty sure that most of them are designers too.

The newspaper here in NZ had the fact that one cyclist missed out on a bronze medal at the Olympics as the main front page headline. People are desperate for a New Zealander to get a medal, they spent all last week listing the certain golds; the triaphalon (actual position - 26th) and the horsemen (actual position - pulled out). Keep track of the sad medal count here. As far as I can tell, which isn't that far, you can't actually link to specific parts of the official Olympic web site.

PS. just in case you didn't know: New Zealand is tucked away at the bottom of the world, just next to Australia.

Monday, September 18
5:27 PM
I'm not getting much chance to work on my new homepage at the moment so I've just added the bits of flash I'm working on to the places I visit menu.

It's a bit infuriating, work keeps getting in the way of learning web stuff, and with a young daughter I don't have much chance to do anything in the evening. What I need is a job where I can do this all day. Please e-mail me if you've got one.

12:46 PM
Another new approach cheating!
Although I suppose anything goes really, what I've done now might look a bit odd in some older browsers.

Sunday, September 17
10:46 PM
I've just tried a new approach to get a popup thing but I just can't get anything to work in Navigator. I'm going to go off and join the Web Standards Organisation.

Saturday, September 16
8:07 PM
oops! I'd removed 900 of Shellac's hurts in the caption. They're back now.

4:20 PM
I got the new Shellac album, not Elvis, you can see it to the left. Also on the left I am trying out a bit of DHTML. It still needs work to make the popup box work in both Internet explorer and Navigator, I've no idea how it is on a mac yet. At least when it fails in Navigator the content of the popup box just flows in under the picture of the CD.

Friday, September 15
10:25 PM
At the moment, well not right now, but when I go to bed in a minute, I will be reading Careless Love the second and final instalment of Peter Guralnick's Elvis biography.
Did you know that Elvis got hooked on speed in the army, or that Pricilla was only 14 when she first atrracted Elvis's attention? It's a good read despite Elvis not coming out of it much better than Albert Goldman's much villified version of his life.
It also means I shall probably spent part of tomorow looking for Elvis Cds, although It might be a bit difficult because I'm in sole charge of Emily then.

10:05 AM
You'll notice that for the next 2 weeks there is nothing on telly in New Zealand except the Olympics ::TV ONE . There hasn't been much else for the last week and they haven't even started yet.

8:44 AM
It looks like I'm just going through k10k and rehashing the sites they have found but I really liked this one ::explodingdog::
It's good to look through the older pictures, you'd be amazed how much drawings of stickmen could develop and improve over time.

Thursday, September 14
1:14 PM
I've just had a bit of a spring clean; sticking all the images into nice new directories and stuff, so now, i'm sure nothing will work as it should.

Wednesday, September 13
9:19 PM
You may have noticed a few Radiohead links popping up on this site, there are two today. It's not that I'm a rabid Radiohead fan or anything, although I do like their last album a lot, it's just that they have a lot of interesting web stuff. (sorry 3).

9:14 PM
Sorry a few HTML cock-ups there. I didn't see them untill I got a look on my pc at home, they didn't show up on the mac at work.

11:26 AM
It's the macromedia site of the day and I have already seen a couple of links to it, but it is quite good
..::Big Jim's Ego - Stress::..

9:55 AM
Kaliber 10k is up and running again but I can't see what they've changed.

All today's CDs are records I had when I was still at school, for a bit of nostalgia. The Sisters one didn't exist then, but I had most of the singles that it compiles.

Tuesday, September 12
4:18 PM
The most exciting thing to happen today was a discussion about peanut butter and cheese sandwiches.

Monday, September 11
3:08 PM
Working away on my redesigned home page; here is where I have started. It looks like it's the season for re-doing your homepage, everywhere you go is changing at the moment
I am also doing some more animated gifs for Ford NZ.

I received an e-mail from my dad and in answer: yes, the nits all got killed the second time.

Friday, September 8
11:32 AM
Here's what this page looks like in Internet Explorer 5.0 on my mac (only smaller).

11:19 AM
Obviously not "this" page, just pages in general. Not enough people have seen this page to say anything.

10:13 AM
It has been said many times, especially at the web standards organisation (I think they are out of action at the moment), but It is amazing how different this page looks in different browsers. You might think it looks ugly anyway but to see it at its worst you need to be using Navigator on a mac.

Thursday, September 7
6:44 PM
Just a new CD to the left.
Too busy at work to do anything else at the moment.

Wednesday, September 6
1:24 PM
I am just trying to get a CGI script to work but I can't

8:27 AM
More in the tale of my slowly, very slowly, developing menus.

Tuesday, September 5
6:41 PM
Does this man have the best job in the world? Or is it the person who he built the desk for, who's contract stipulated a desk made of Lego?

1:46 PM
Blogger can get an ftp connection, so what's my problem? Someone must have mucked about with my fetch settings.

1:44 PM
I can't get an ftp connection to Tripod at the moment so I am unable to put up the next installment of my flash menus.
The Dandy Warhols in the cd player at the moment Thirteen Tales from urban bohemia. I wasn't expecting much, I thought they were a bit of a novelty 1 hit drug-song band, but it's actually pretty good. A bit dirgey to start but a pretty good mixture of styles all up.

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