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Hello and welcome to what may eventually be my home page,
at the momment it is still very under development.

Down in the bottom right hand corner is the navigation and below is the blog.

Friday, January 26
10:32 AM
I have just changed all the javascript on my main blogg daveyblogg so I am just about to give it a go here. If all goes well this might eventually become the main page, but it probably won't. A whole new site and even a domain name are on the way.

Wednesday, January 3
10:54 AM
Busy looking for a beach House int the Bay Of Islands, how is this?

Thursday, December 28
1:24 PM
Merry Christmas and Happy new year; I'm off work untill next Wednesday so no updates here, see you later, David.

Thursday, December 7
1:02 PM
Whoops!.. A bit of left right confusion there.

12:47 PM
Whooa!... seems to be working.
By the way, the picture that comes up when you roll over 'contact' down to the left is not me, it's Nigel my production manager at work, although the contact will e-mail me.

12:33 PM
Just a test at the moment.
H A P P Y - B I R T H D A Y - D A D