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Sort of Record Reviews


These are not really reviews at all, more like a list of the CDs that have interested me enough to mention on my web page. I have a lot of CDs (and old vinyl too, but that won't fit in the CD drive of my work Mac) and I sit all day at my Mac with the headphones on so variety is the important thing.

Reveal by REM

The best album in years from REM. UP only realy seemed to suit rainy sunday afternoons but reveal is up for a good dance around the living room.
When I was young I used to hate it when records didn't include the lyrics, now I generally wish they didn't - Reveal includes a bland insert complete with all the lyrics. Bring back the garbled mummbles if you ask me.

Crackle by Bauhaus


Blue Jam by Chris Morris

The Warp Records Blue Jam site.

The Best of Blur


Extra Acme by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion


Savage Thoughts by King Kapisi

Samoan Hip Hop at its best

Sing When Youre Winning by Robbie Williams

Brash, cheesey and entertaining.

Wasp Star by XTC

Lovely and critically aclaimed.

Rated R by Queens of The Stone Age

Good rockin' fun.

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