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Friday, March 30

How can I refuse when a company with a site this classy beg for a link. Check out their portfolio and make sure you check out how the Kingz are doing.
I am trying to work on my first commercial Flash job at work but keep getting snowed under with print stuff.
posted by David at 7:42 AM

Wednesday, March 28

Someone's poured bubblebath into your computer.
posted by David at 8:05 AM

Wednesday, March 21

Twang!, another Flash thing.
posted by David at 1:10 PM

Tuesday, March 20

I must remember to add a link to this site, Australian INfront, in my links column.
posted by David at 9:51 AM

Friday, March 16

I have recieved emails from a couple of the New Zealand sites listed below, and now on the left. They spotted this page in their referrer logs and bothered to write something, thats nice isn't it? I must do the same, instead of sitting here all insular at my desk.
posted by David at 7:58 AM

Thursday, March 15

even more flash blobs,
posted by David at 5:26 PM

Wednesday, March 14

Here's yesterday's trails of blobs, slightly revised and a new flash thing.
posted by David at 11:43 AM

Tuesday, March 13

Here's one of those trails of blobs you see in everybody's flash experiments departments. No wonder, they seem pretty easy. I could be wrong of course and this one could be especially rubbish.
posted by David at 1:43 PM

Monday, March 12

I am not an old goth. despite the cd choice.
posted by David at 8:16 AM

Thursday, March 8

I have just dug out some of the previous months of this page; Feb Jan Dec Nov Oct Sep beyond that most of the images no longer exist. This may not work, I am still trying to sort it out.
posted by David at 3:03 PM

For the first time ever, I think, someone - Interface 7 - has linked to here! they're wrong about this being kinda interesting of course, but it was a nice thing to say.
There seems to be a little ring of sites going on with Interface 7, mediawhore and forthemasses all linking to each other, I might even put some New Zealand sites in the lefthand sidebar just to join in.
posted by David at 1:19 PM

Tuesday, March 6

On a New Zealand theme, here's a New Zealand design web site, it links to a few others but everything seems to be in Wellington.
posted by David at 9:28 AM

Cor! New Zealand on Slashdot.
posted by David at 9:03 AM


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