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Monday, February 26

Back at work again.
I just got an email from Q 4 Music asking me to change the address of their link, to your left. So i just have.
posted by David at 3:21 PM

Friday, February 9

Well I'm outta here for two weeks, heading up to the bay of islands with the family. Mum and dad are turning up from England tomorrow and Emily is pretty excited.
Maybe a post or two over the next 2 weeks, but don't hold your breath.
posted by David at 3:39 PM

Thursday, February 8

Hopefully I will be able to find this Lemon Jelly CD during my lunch break. From what I've heard it sounds quite funny and funky.
posted by David at 10:17 AM

There's loads of interesting stuff to read about the history of the Apple Macintosh at this site: Making the Macintosh, Technology and Culture in Silicon Valley.
posted by David at 10:06 AM

Wednesday, February 7

Cheated on the CD of the week, because I haven't yet heard it. I am sure, judging by what I have heard that it will be pretty good, If a bit unpleasent in parts, rude parts mainly. My mum and dad turn up in a few days so there will be very little going on here for at least a fortnight.
posted by David at 12:54 PM

Monday, February 5

Here, for no reason other than to post something, is a picture I drew of a drink bottle on my desk, It's a bit quiet at work today.
posted by David at 3:19 PM


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