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Tuesday, January 30
7:56 AM
Just making the image for the review pop-up pre-load, there was a bit of a lag before.

Saturday, January 27
3:31 PM
I have just finished updating my Home page, nothing much just re-writing the javascript so it works in Netscape 6 and making the whole thing proper valid html 4.01. Of course it now doesn't look too good in Navigator 4.X and lower.
It is a long weekend now, Auckland Aniversary Day, so I am of to do some decorating.

Friday, January 26
10:26 AM
I have finally got this page to validate -

Valid HTML 4.01!

10:20 AM
All new java-script, it works in netscape 6 now (at least it does on my mac) but I have basically give up on the older versions of netscape.

8:21 AM
I have just reduced the size of these pics of Emily in the hope that my dad will then be able to have a look.

Thursday, January 25
1:51 PM
Just sorted out some of the ecma script, but it still won't work in netscape 6.

Thursday, January 18
9:05 AM
Plastic: This site looks like a place to find some interesting stuff. Like this: moistened toilet paper I can't wait.

Friday, January 12
12:37 PM
Oh no, it wasn't the blockquote, it was just my bad HTML elsewhere. PS. Happy birthday to me! Thanks for all the pressies.

12:23 PM
that blockquote didn't work too well!

12:21 PM
I am giving Blogger another go, now that all those kind people have donated money for new servers. This is all I wrote whilst I wasn't using Blogger -
Friday, January 5
08:03 AM
I have given up on Blogger for the time being, because it has got so slow it just doesn't work anymore. Here are a few pictures of Emily over christmas, for my family.

Wednesday, January 3
10:33 AM
Back at work again and the sun has finally come out. Queens Of The Stone Age in the CD player.


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