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Thursday, November 30
3:31 PM
I have just been mucking around with new DHTML home pages at the moment, in between jobs at work. The latest version is just here. Its a bit graphics intensive about 70k and will fall apart in anything less than a 4.x browser.

Tuesday, November 28
5:22 PM

Thursday, November 23
2:05 PM

11:53 AM

Friday, November 17
3:10 PM
Here's the results of tuesdays Loaded Hog 5km. I am in there, near the bottom.

Thursday, November 16
3:58 PM
Things are moving fast round here, a new fibre optic communications cable between America and New Zealand has just come into service. I am not moving so fast, my legs are still aching from my first run with other people, the Loaded Hog 5km run.

Tuesday, November 14
7:51 AM
THREE.OH - Inspirational Kingdom is another portal site in the vein of k10k. Nice use of a really limited pallet, just like they teach you at art college.

Friday, November 10
2:43 PM
Here's Woolworth UK's top CD pick for christmas ::Agadoo::
Push pineapple shake a tree
To the left
To the right
Jump up and down
And grind coffee...

2:31 PM
I keep forgetting to close the quotation marks in my tags which causes a right old mess, also my link to the health crisps didn't work.
Interesting that Woolworths is a totally different type of shop here in New Zealand to it's namesake in England - classy supermarket as appossed to cheapo general store; well not that interesting really I suppose.

2:13 PM
A health oriented lunch today?
  • Health Plus crisps (how can they be allowed to call any crisps healthy).
  • Dr Pepper a real doctor apparently, but he had nothing to do with the fzzy drink (if you try the url printed on the Australian cans we get here in New Zealand you get here, how do they know?).
  • A Subway cheese sandwich, real doctor invested in original subway shop!

Thursday, November 9
8:15 AM
Spent yesterday off work looking after my daughter, I was planning to sort out my web site a bit, but swings and potties took precedence. Slight panic is setting in as we approach Christmas, I have no Idea what to get anybody yet.

Monday, November 6
12:19 PM
Any ideas what I could get my dad for his birthday?


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